My Angel In Disguise

She is who I am and within her lives me.
My life is a part of her being.
She’s faceless, untainted, pure, and innocent.
Though she appears as such, she is still human.
She makes bad decisions like the rest of mankind.

She has stolen many hearts, broken many spirits,
given back lost hopes in one peace.
Sometimes this angel has no choice other than
to sway most with her charm.
So unintentional it may be;

She’s so sincerely natured.
Her care is underlying beyond expression
through her gentle touch.
Her wings hide all possession of truth and wisdom inside her.

She’s open and her soul is revealed to have fallen.
She, herself, is not a fallen angel, and only the desires she had,
became forsaken, misguided, and taken away.
Her body is left bare,
in dying need of attention, aspiration, ambition, even air.
Any simple amenity would suit her.

She wants something worth having,
worth time and patience—someone priceless and eternal.
Her temporal realm forever co-exists with her love for self.
So that if she’s unable to find that someone,
her contentment remains a mystery, story untold,
time never out-dated, mission to be complete, and love never lost,
for she holds her own destiny.

She has a safe without a code, questions without any answers,
and games without clues.
Because her secrets are well kept and will not tell a lie,
the fact that she’s concealed in my heart as my angel in disguise.